This seminar is dedicated to everyone experiencing difficulties with aggressive behaviour of a dog towards other people or animals, and everyone else who is working with dogs as a professional and is interested in gaining a deep knowledge of dog behaviour including volunteers, charity and dog shelter workers, pet sitters, behaviourists, dog trainers and veterinarians.

During the seminar we will be investigating aggressive behaviour in dogs and the way we can help to resolve and modify this behaviour in order to reduce and eliminate it. Part of the seminar is a practical workshop where the participants will be able to actively observe the professional trainer working with difficult dogs.


300 EURO or 1260 PLN for a seminar &workshop
Lunch and coffee included.
(does not include accommodation)


Theoretical part:

1. Aggressive behaviour definition

- types of aggression

- dog communication

- generalization of aggression

- biological foundation of aggression

2. Prevention of aggressive behaviour in dogs

- genetic qualification, selective breeding

- shelter dog adoption and dog selection

- environmental influence, socialization, positive reward training

3. Aggression assessment, evaluation of prospects in rehabilitation/

4. The learning process and changing unwanted behaviour

5. Examples of behavioural modification of an aggressive dog

6. Behavioural change factors:

- training

- control of triggers

- play

- physical activity

- diet

- mental stimulation

- surgical procedures (neutering)

- pharmacological treatment

7. Examples of how to work with a dog exhibiting:

- leash aggression

- territorial aggression

- resource guarding

- predatory behaviour

- dog/human aggression

- dog/dog aggression

8. Video case studies and discussion


Practical part:
Real life examples of how to work with a dog aggressive dog (intra-species aggression) and  human aggressive dog  (inter-species aggression)

1. Behaviour observation and problem evaluation

2. Methods of working with a dog exhibiting aggression towards people: behaviour modification demo

3. Methods of working with a dog exhibiting aggression towards other dogs: behaviour modification demo


Additional information:

  • Participation without your own dog
  • Workshop performed in Polish
  • Consecutive interpretation into English
  • Payment by instalments accepted


All graduates will receive:

  • Work pack prepared by our instructors in paper form and electronic form
  • Seminar/Workshop completion certificate in Polish/English

Conditions of participation:

  •  Over age of 18,
  •  Application form completed, paid deposit (50 EUR or 200 PLN),
  •  Paid amount due for the workshop prior to predefined deadline (acceptable payment in installments).



Agnieszka Wędrychowicz:
Agnieszka is a certified Clicker Dog Training and Therapy Dog Instructor; she is a graduate of the Advanced Diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training course, which completes the international qualification of animal behaviourist licensed at the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). Until 2014, Agnieszka was a member of the COAPE Animal Behaviourist’s and Trainers Association (CAPBT - the COAPE Association of Pet Behaviourist’s and Trainers). She is a founder of the Husky team Foundation for Therapy Dogs She has been in the foundation for 10 years and has been looking after and working with a therapy dogs and cats. Agnieszka is the creator of guidelines for conducting classes with the participation of animals, which are aimed at providing them with appropriate working conditions. For 10 years, she has been training dogs using a clicker. In addition, for 7 years Agnieszka has been consulting owners experiencing problems with fearful, aggressive, hyperactive and other troublesome dogs and cats. From 2014 Agnieszka became a lecturer at the "Green Way" Training Institution for which she created her own professional training programs: Dog Training Instructor, Dogotherapy, Felinotherapy, Zoopsychology and seminars on working with aggressive, fearful and  hyperactive dogs that cause problems. Agnieszka runs professional courses, seminars and workshops throughout Poland. Agnieszka took part in seminars like: "BAT reactivity therapy method" with world-renowned trainer Grisha Stewart, “Worked with an aggressive dog”: practical and theoretical workshops with Piotr Wojtek and Zosia Zaniewska.

Marcin Durek
Marcin is a certified Clicker Dog Training Instructor, Therapy Dog and Therapy Cat Instructor. He has obtained a Pet sitter certificate at COAPE Polska. Marcin is a participant of the Advanced Diploma in Practical Aspects of Companion Animal Behaviour and Training course, which completion gives international qualifications of animal behaviourist licensed by the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (COAPE). Marcin is a founder of the Dog Paw Control School in Ireland, where he trains dogs using a clicker
Marcin has an extensive experience working with aggressive dogs, he consults the worst cases of such dogs in Ireland and helps owners who are experiencing difficulties with timid, hyperactive, depressed, disobedient dogs and he also helps dogs suffering from separation anxiety and others.  Marcin is a lecturer at the professional course for PETSITTER animal carers conducted by the Training Institution Centre of Applied Pet Ethology COAPE Poland in Ireland. Marcin is also a co-worker of the Husky team Foundation for Therapy Dogs in Korczyn and dog hotel Dog Holiday Hotel in Ireland.

Sylwia Dec-Korybska
Sylwia is an enthusiast and animal lover who through her work helps to build a better relationship between dog and human based on mutual understanding.
Sylwia has worked with dogs since 2010, she began her dog training adventure in one of Ireland's largest dog training schools, the 'King of Paws Academy' based in DSPCA ('The Dublin Society for Preventing of Cruelty to Animals') where she was a Senior Dog Trainer. Sylwia trains with science based, force free methods. She is a certified graduate of world class trainer and author Jean Donaldson's, 'Academy for Dog Trainers'- often referred to as 'the Harvard for dog trainers'. In 2015, Sylwia became involved with another charity organization working for the benefit of dogs 'Dogs Trust' where she currently works as an Adoption Advisor.
At present Sylwia continues to deepen her theoretical knowledge by studying Psychology and Behaviour of Dogs and at 'Compass Education and Training'. Sylwia is also a certified Canine First Responder. Throughout the years Sylwia has participated in numerous seminars led by world-famous behaviourists, trainers and instructors such as: Professor Ray Coppinger, Professor Peter Neville, Dr Helen Zulch, Chirag Patel and Sarah Whitehead.



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